Tips dan Cheats Battle Realms

create or/and edit an AI
You can now create and edit an AI of yourselfand it works even at the expansion set

For creating an AI:
1. Open notepad
2. Go to the Battle Realms file at the Local disk c or some where you put it
3. Open AI Profiles
4. Double click any file in there
5. Copy and Paste the items to your recently opened notepad (do not include the numbers and the name)
6. Fill it the way you want it! (name it, rate the agresiveness, healer usage etc.)
7. Save it at the AI Profiles

For Editing an AI Do steps number 2 and 3 and pick any file you want to edit and do steps number 4 to 7

Use kabuki warriors and train him at the fireworks factory.
More kabukis more yang.
Even you can also use samurai with yang blade to attack the enemies so
more yang for the dragon.

Infinite Lotus Consuming Trick
First, train a Second Tier unit, at least 20 units then command them to eat one peasant. After that, click immediately 'The Peasant' and let it enter the watchtower. The Second Tier unit will probably eat the base of the watchtower. If you click all of the Second Tier unit that ate the watchtower, they will have Battle Gears without killing the peasant.

Use Ronin's Blood Bond at the ninja and enter the ninja to the tower.(no fan geishas nearby)
Let the ronin kill himself. Meanwhile, click the ninja until the ronin dies.

destroying the building w/out using unit attack
first click on any unit then try to find the base of the enemy after you find the base leftclick on the opponent's building then press ctrl+d contineusly.

earn yin fast
If you are using the serpent clan make a Ronin and upgrade it with yin blade. Then try to cut a tree by pressing (F) then while cutting the tree use your yin blade by preesing the (B) button that's all.

Fast Yin Generation For Lotus Clan
Note: cheat is unverfied and was reported to not work, so it may or may not work for you.

1. Summon either Lythis or Tausil, but not Seth.
2. Command the brother(s) to force attack(hotkey f) any particular stream of water/pond.
3. You know you are doing it right when the brother(s) attack the water and start to rack up Yin points...
4. Keep on trying to make them attack the water if you fail on first attempt.
5. This doesn't work on Seth(mentioned above)
6. If you are pissed off that they still can't attack the water, there's another cheat for you fellow gamers.
1. Summon any brother(s).
2. Command them to attack the trees.
3. Watch them rack up immense Yin points.
4. Just don't let them go to far, they may be ambushed by the enemy...
Note: These two tricks work well with the unlimited brothers trick...

How to Summon Kenji in Skirmish Mode?
First, make sure that your population is 39/40.
Second, build a keep while the last peasant is generating from the Peasant Hut.
Third and last, make sure that when the last peasant comes out from the peasant house, the keep is already built.
Note: the peasant should come out at the same time with the keep done in building.
Invisible + Multiple horses
Have a peasant construct stables and let it catch just one horse. After the peasant returns the horse back to the stables, get it back again to be used as a pack horse but don't go away from the stables.

Get a warrior close to the stables then have the peasant return the horse to the stables. Just before the horse disappears, click on the warrior then right click on the vanishing horse. You must do this quickly for it to work. If not, your warrior will get the horse from the stables.

If you do this correctly, you will see that the warrior is not standing on its 2 feet but instead, it is floating.

more ninja lotus only
1.make 3 warlocks and a brother tausil
2.give the 3 warlocks a power of tausil
3.summoned a 1 ninja,put it beside the watchtower
4.the 3 warlocks must be away from the ninja
5.the 3 warlocks must be ctrl 1
6.give the ninja the power of warlocks by pressing 1 then f1,click the ninja ,f2,click the ninja,f3,click the ninja, then must hurry send the ninja into the watchtower.
6.then click the keep you will see the ninja ,click 4 ninja. it again and again.

Multiple crypt brothers
1. play lotus
2. create crypt tomb
3. summon all crypt brothers (must have enough yin first)
4. build three towers
5. enter each crypt borther to a tower and leave it there
6. destroy crypt tomb
7. release crypt brothers
8. do number 2 again

"you'll see that the crypt brothers are not destroyed because the tower protected them"
Two Necromancers(Serpent)
1st, after you create a Necro(short for Necromancer) have a Ronin "Blood Bond" with him and let the Necro enter a "Watch Tower". After this let 4 ronin enter the Necromancer's Thrown. Have the Ronin who "Blood Bonded" with the Necro to die. When the Ronin dies, the 4 Ronin inside the Necromancer's Thrown will become a Necromancer.

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